Frequently Asked Questions

Register using the registration form on the home page, once your account has been created you would be sent an email to activate your account. After activation, you will also be sent another email with your login details.

Login to your account and you can then change the password to your preferred password.

Note: If you can’t find the emails in your inbox, check your spam folder.

If the links are not clickable, copy the links and open them in your browser.

To create a group, simply go to the groups page and click ‘create group’, you will be directed to the groups creation page, enter your group details and create the group.

You can also add a forum to your group.

To create a forum, you need to first create a group. Simply go to the create groups page, create a group, then create your forum.

There are two ways to send messages to friends, the first method is to go directly to the messages page on your profile or the person’s  profile (recipient) click on compose tab in the menu and compose your message.

The more easier method is to click on the chat panel at the bottom of your screen. You can discuss and chat in a group with everyone on folkszone under the ‘Global group chat panel’ and you can also send direct messages to friends via the ‘my friends’ panel.