Nigerian Schoolboy who escaped boko haram’s kidnapping recounts his ordeal and the horrors (Video)


   A student from the government science secondary school, Kankara katsina state, reportedly survived and managed to escape from Boko Haram after they abducted over 300 school boys from his school. 

The 18 year old whose name is Umar Ahmed, recounts all the ordeal he went through at the hands of the kidnappers on Friday.

Umar told News agents that the gunmen arrived his school as he was about going to bed at night.

At first he thought that the men were vigilantes (Armed civilians who take on roles to protect the community at Night). ” So we were not scared, but then we started hearing heavy gunshots and got terrified”

” When we went back to the hostels after finishing the night prep and were preparing to sleep, suddenly we heard gunshots and everybody started running away from the hostels” he said.

” We were very terrified. Some of us ran to the fence trying to jump over and escape, while others hid inside”.

” Then the men started shouting we should come back, that they were here to rescue us, so in relief most of us came back”.

Hendreds of the boys were gathered at the all- boys school and taken away into the forest.

When the incident occurred on Friday, it was initially blamed on armed bandits that raided around the area. But on Tuesday, Boko haram, the terrorist group that kidnapped hundred of school girls in chibok six years ago, claimed responsibility for the attack.

Umar counted himself very lucky to escape .

He says they were all rounded up and split into 3 groups before each group was led into the forest.

The kidnappers beat them with tree branches and the flat side of their machetes as they trekked for many hours towards zamfara state.

But he luckily managed to hide behind a bush with his friend and waited till the entire group had left before he made his way back home.

It’s a relief for Umar’s parent to have their son back as they were gripped with fear when they learnt of the kidnapping that occurred in his school.

” When my son came back, we were happy, we are not very happy because a lot of the others are still in the forest with the kidnappers and it makes us sad, but we are happy for his return”. Umar’s father said.

Watch Umar’s video below:

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