An exclusive interview was conducted by BBC with Ned Nwoko, billoniare husband of Regina Daniels, he revealed that he got married to Regina Daniels within 3 weeks of meeting each other, they didn’t date and he got to know more about her after their marriage.

He had met Regina, when she and her mother came visiting to his mansion in Delta State on a tour, he took a liking for her and proceeded to marry her.

The billionaire disclosed that he doesn’t see any need for dating, particular when the husband and wife can get married and experience the excitement of learning about each other, he further claimed that he didn’t date any of his wives before he married them.

Talking about his polygamous lifestyle, he claimed to love children, loves having them around and wants to give birth to lots of kids that explains why he has that many wives.

He further revealed that Regina knows that he can take another wife if he chooses to.

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