CNN Confirms That The Perpetuators Of The Lekki Massacre Are In Fact Nigerian Soldiers.


The events of the 20th of October, 2020 will forever remain vivid in the minds of Nigerians.

A protest that started peacefully to curb the menace of police brutality, corruption and unlawful killings against Nigerians ended in sour events that would go down in the history of the country.

Lekki tollgate had been a major venue where majority of the protests was staged, it was also considered the most peaceful venue due to the fact that thugs sabotaged the protests going on in other venues accross the country but Lekki tollgate remained peaceful.

Despite all these, the Nigerian army deemed it fit to attack the protesters at Lekki and killed them without any touch of mercy. They fired bullets at them, maiming some and causing some to have brutal injuries. The protesters did not fight back and they were alleged to have been waving the Nigerian flag and singing the National anthem.

During the aftermath, the Nigerian army denied being responsible for the killings and even the government insisted that no one was killed, however CNN Africa has come out to debunk their claims, they have investigated the issue and have proved that the Nigerian army where infact responsible for the killings.

More light is shed on this in the video footage below:

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